Development Center

Scientific Prowess

Annual turnover of 5% as the research and development funds, has 200 square meters of micro motor application research and development center, equipped with first-class high-tech talents, as well as world-class testing instruments and motor performance testing equipment.

Management Power

Ouyuan micro-motor is a modern enterprise, the enterprise has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ROHS, CE, CCC and other environmental protection and safety system certification, at the same time the introduction of international advanced production management system, prevent to unqualified factors into the production line, keep improving.

Smart Power

7200 square meters of automation production base, the introduction of international first-class automatic production line, annual output of more than 10 million micro motors/motors.Currently, more than 200 types of motors have been mass produced, with short production cycle, fast supply, and 100% satisfaction of customer demand.

Strictly Control The Quality

Strict incoming inspection and control, strict process inspection and control, product reliability test, strictly control the quality of product, prevent to defective products into the market.

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